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Our Mission:

To provide the information you need, the data analytics you want 24/7/anywhere.

Founded by global industry experts with over 100 years combined thought leadership experience to improve the world of shipping focused on reducing energy, carbon footprint, and waste.

Global Solutions tailored to meet today’s rapidly growing market. With over 100,000 new reefers built annually and over 4 million in operation in/out of port at any time, Reeferpulse is positioned to enhance the marketplace with AI technology.

Reefer Market

A large percentage of the world’s 35 million shipping containers are refrigerated, also called Reefers . This refrigeration is mandatory to ship fruits, vegetables, pharmaceutical, perishable goods, but also all goods which may rust or degrade during the long, saline air soaked trips. Over 100,000 new Reefers are built
every year and over 4 million Reefers are in operation on the seas at any given time.

Reefers run their refrigeration and ventilation units (ave. 3,6kW per Reefer ) on the ship diesel-powered generators during the ocean trips. Ships can carry up to 2,000 Reefers, requiring up to 8MW of on-board electrical power during the duration of the trip; such diesel generated power will burn 1.5T of diesel per hour, which amounts to 10,000 tons of diesel burnt per year for an average cargo ship, just for Reefer power production.

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